Missa (missa909) wrote in detroit_local,

Movie extras needed at City Club this weekend!

Not trying to spam, just want to get the info out there and I'm sure some of you would be interested in an opportunity such as this.
Movie extras needed at Leland City Club in downtown detroit this weekend!
Please come out to the City Club on Sunday and help us shoot the 'club scene' for the film "Friday Night King". We need to try to make it appear to be a slammin Friday night at the club.
Sunday June 11th from 8pm to 11pm at City Club.

This film is titled "Friday Night King" and it's the story of a young man's double life. Machine worker by day. King of a Gothic club by night.

If you meet the following criteria you can be an extra in the upcoming short film to be shot in a local Detroit Gothic club.

1. Are over 18 years old.
2. Can show up Sunday June 11th between 8PM & 11PM
3. This is a Gothic Club so the preferred outfit will fit the gothic scene. If you do not have gothic apparel you must wear all back or dark colored clothes.
4. There is No Cover
5. The Bar will be Open (not free though!)

If dancing the night away in a gothic club while being recorded for a movie sounds like fun then send me a message or e-mail us for information on how to be a part of this exciting short film!



Bring your Friends! Please let me know if you can come :-)

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