Brian ***just one star in the sky*** (heartxthexstars) wrote in detroit_local,
Brian ***just one star in the sky***

Bass head and cab, Synth and amp for sale

I am selling a brand new bass rig:

It is a Ampeg SVT-3 Pro Head Brand New
and a Ampeg 6X10 Cabinet Brand New

$1400 or Best Offer

also I have a Korg Micro Synth/Vocoder and Roland Keyboard Amp for sale

$900 Or best offer Brand New

I am willing to negotiate prices i really need to sell this stuff to pay the bills.
I also am willing to seperatly sell equiptment.
Leave me a msg with ur interests and a email or phone number and we can get in touch.

If your interested in either you can leave me a message on here and I will get back with you..

Thank You

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