♥ ambrosia ♥ (noremourse) wrote in detroit_local,
♥ ambrosia ♥

DANIELS GRADUATION PARTY!!!!(well show but its a effing party)

so heres the final info/details on the show. its finally set and everything is perfect.
now i gotta say somethings about this. this show is GOT to be prefect. i dont want
a single thing going wrong. if it does ill cry and whosever fault it is that screws it
up i will find them and killl them. not kidding. this took forever to plan and considering
who its for makes it all worth while. love the kid to death!!!!! means the world to me.
so heres the deal. oh and no more surprise band.

MAY 29TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fraser Lions Club- 15 &Utica rd. fraser MI.
cost$7 ~~~ doors @ 5pm.
5:45-a second too late
6:30-home team
7:15-from here on out
8:00-based on a true story
8:45-as dawn falls
9:30-boys in suits

its going to be hotter than..........a weekend at my house!

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